Poll: Getting Automatic Feeds

image courtesy of arroclint via sxc.hu
Last week I changed how readers receive feeds, which are automatic notifications when the blog is updated. These feeds can come via a daily email, or immediate with a RSS feed (such as through Google Reader, which is what I use to get updates from other blogs and websites).

Did you notice what the change is? If you subscribed to updates, you used to be just see a portion of each post, but now you get the full article. What do you think of the change? Let me know by taking the poll to the right.

If you are not getting automatic feeds, you should go ahead and sign up. You can easily subscribe to the blog by email or RSS updates.

**Note that if sign up for email updates but you don't get a confirmation email, please try again or let me know that you're having a problem via email. Either your email system caught it in spam (which I've noticed a lot for Yahoo or Hotmail users), or you mistyped your email address.

Happy reading.

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