Saw these great posts from Tyler Stanton and Kevin Keigley. It's about a trip they took with their sons. They bring two different perspectives, so be sure to read both. Here's the bullet points from each:

Tyler Stanton:
  1. Have a son.
  2. Choose the right destination.
  3. Double-check GPS.
  4. Create a (moderate) countdown.
  5. Make several irrational purchases prior to departure.
  6. Choose a perfect name.
  7. Make frequent pit stops.
  8. Eat where you can't with Mom.
  9. Have an obscene amount of fun.
  10. Buy something unnecessary from gift shop.
  11. Tell the tale.

Kevin Keigley:
  1. Need to have a son or two.
  2. Have a destination planned.
  3. Bring a plastic barrel of cheese balls.
  4. Have an obscene amount of fun.
  5. Tell the tale.

I definitely need to do stuff like this with my sons. Any dads up for a road trip adventure? As I've said before, sometimes we need to make the vacation happen.

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