Winner of a Meal in Allendale

Thanks for everyone who entered this contest, and props to the Buckinghams for being sharp enough to have both spouses submit an entry.

Looks like the most popular choice for an eatery was Clara's. I think I'll go there today. Or Flavor. I need to find out what their hours are so I can take Joanna there. Please don't say, "Why don't you look it up online?" If you say that, you obviously haven't spent much time in Allendale.

But the winner of the free meal is . . . . .  Cristin Henry, with a dinner at Big G's BBQ.

I promise it was a random draw, and not because she was in our Community Group for the past couple of years. And not because we once made her babysit our kids in 90 degree weather when our AC was broken. And not because she helped our family move stuff down here in mid-April.

Cristin - let us know when you want to come down. By the way, Big G's is only open Thursday, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Looking forward to hanging out with you, and anyone else who wants to travel down here.

1 comment :

  1. Yay! I was already looking forward to coming down to Allendale and now I get to look forward to a meal, as well. Good stuff.

    I should have made "win something" a goal for this year...then I could mark one off.