Sender's Thanksgiving

Our 4-year-old (5 next month!) loves to pray before meals. Here's the latest of what Sender has been thanking God for. Don't you love a 4-year-old's sweet and sincere prayers?
  • Peace and sleep
  • Jesus dying on the cross
  • Helping me lose two teeth
  • Mommy and Daddy helping kids with homework at the Club
  • Our family being in Allendale

And has been doing great sitting still in the pews during our worship services at church. (It's far different than what he was used to at Grace Church's Children's Ministry.) He likes to copy words from the screen, hymnals, Bibles, etc onto the church bulletin. And when I preached at a small church in Allendale the other week, he sat right next to me until I went on stage. Somehow, it felt really comforting.

But before you think he's all super-spiritual, here's another conversation that he and I had recently:
Me: "Sender, do you want a hamburger or hot dog for lunch?"
Sender: "I want a hot dog. . .  A wiener. . .  A long one. . . .  I want a long wiener."
Joanna can only shake her head.

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