Boys to Men

Would you trust this guy?
The other day, I asked my son Elijah, "What makes a boy a man?"

He answered: "Responsibility."

Love it. Has he been listening to the teachings from Men's Roundtable? According to the teaching from this material, a real man is one who:
  • Rejects Passivity
  • Accepts Responsibility
  • Leads Courageously
  • Expects God's Reward

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  1. Joey,
    I just wanted to say Hi from all of us at the Family Matters blog! Thanks for reading our blog and for always leaving such thoughtful comments. I really have enjoyed looking through your blog as well and will be praying for your ministry. You are raising some great kids and I know you and your wife are impacting your community for Christ.

    Karis Murray
    Creative Director,
    Family Matters

  2. Thanks, Karis. Family Matters has a great blog, and for anyone else interested, here's the url: