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When I laid out my New Plan for the Blog, I mentioned that I would start contributing to KidMin1124, a site for leaders who volunteer their time in children's ministry. As an author, I hope to share from my experiences as a children's pastor. As a reader, I have learned some great perspectives and ideas from the other contributors.

Here is a list of articles that I have contributed to this point, and I hope to write about two each month:
  1. Are All Volunteers the Same?  
  2. Volunteer Coaches: What, Who, Why, How  
  3. Do You Have a Titanic Ministry? 

Additionally, I had the privilege of taking part in a radio show hosted by the leaders of this website. The topic was Child Discipleship, a topic that has been on the forefront of our minds in Allendale, as we are trying to hone in on our ultimate purpose.

You can listen to the hour-long program here, or on the KidMin1124 site. (I had some technical difficulties early on -- the joys of Allendale infrastructure!)

Some key points:
  • Discipleship is possible (and is necessary) in children's ministry, though the practical applications may differ from discipleship of teens and adults.
  • Discipleship includes a combination of Biblical Teaching, Caring Relationships, and Good Deeds.
  • Discipleship of children is accomplished best when a group of people is working together, coming alongside the parents. The parents are the primary agents of discipleship, and we must help give them credibility in the eyes of their children, especially as they get older.
  • Churches need to make sure that we are partnering with and equipping parents, instead of focusing solely on what happens inside the church walls.
  • We need to create a top-down culture of discipleship, from Staff to Coaches to Volunteers to Children.

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