Favorite Tweets for November

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  1. A Culturally-Engaged weekend for us in . It was about friends, candy, and, ultimately, the .
  2. Fried chicken from Clara's (#AllendaleSC) = Food of the gods
  3. Mural at Pink Garden, . Just about done in only 2 hours of work. http://twitpic.com/7butcv 
  4. Heading to a men's breakfast with Vision Ministries in . Thankful for the fellowship from this church.
  5. I made my son laugh so hard and continuously at dinner that he fell out of his chair twice, and he snorted.
  6. Physical activity impacts overall quality of sleep: / Or, "Why we should play football on Thanksgiving."
  7. "It is the work that God does through us that counts, not what we do for Him." Oswald Chambers 
  8. Enjoying my Kenyan Javahouse coffee, courtesy of . "I will bless those who bless Joey." (Or something like that)

Which is your favorite?

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