6 Posts (and 1 Song) to Help You Get Ready for Christmas

When does the Christmas season begin? Some people love Christmas music at the beginning of November. Others only want to here it after Thanksgiving.

Me? I just like to watch both sides argue.

But regardless of which of these camps you fall into, we are definitely in the Christmas season now. So, here are some thoughts from last year to get you ready for Christmas:
  1. Twelve Christmas Traditions.  Hmmm . . . A few of these may not make the list this year (like waking up in our own house on Christmas morning).
  2. Angels Are NOT Wimpy.  One of my biggest Christmas pet peeves.
  3. What Christmas Means to Me.  A revelation I had 13 years ago.
  4. Life of Jesus.  A video from a couple of years ago.
  5. Merry Christmas.  Links to a few articles about the phrase "Merry Christmas."
  6. Jesus Is Still Immanuel.  What does it look like for us to be "incarnational" like Jesus?

One song in particular that was meaningful for me last year was The First Noel. I picture myself as one of the people in the Christmas story -- the shepherds, the wise men, or whoever. What would it have been like to have seen a sign, and then meet the Savior as a baby (or for the shepherds to meet the angels)? Here's a great rendition of this song:

Be worshipful as you prepare for this season.

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