Favorite Tweets for December

So long, 2011! Glad I could remember you in 140 character tidbits. You can too, if you follow me @EspinosaJoey.
  1. (In a friend's truck) My son: "What's this thing?" Me: "You turn it to open the window." Son (trying it out): "Awesome!"
  2. Read about hope & , art & the .
  3. I smile every time I'm in a local restaurant & I see the Thank You notes (posted on the wall) from students.
  4. Parents, Teachers, and the Community need to work together to improve the schools.
  5. Jesus the unbound Being was compressed into finite flesh (John 1:1, 14). Bill White
  6. I just bought some beer, and I'm about to study chemistry. These 2 things are not related. I promise.
  7. ": My professor rounded my grade up to an A, even though I missed it by 1.5 points." / Not happening at .
  8. Best kept secret in Greenville for dinner: Yia Yia's at Night. For real. (And get a coupon from
  9. Me: "Hannah, you'd like college. You can eat ice cream 3 times a day." Hannah: "ONLY 3?"
  10. I made the mistake of wearing khaki pants and a red collared shirt to Target. "No, I do NOT work here."
  11. = Disney World for women
  12. Best part of going to zoo? Seeing animals poop and pee.

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