"You Smell Like Beef and Cheese! You Don't Smell Like Santa."

I figured there is no better way to start off a post about Santa Claus then a quote from Buddy, everyone's favorite elf.

One of the most popular series of posts on this blog was not even written by me. It was an interview I did of some friends about their views of Santa Claus. You'll want to read (or re-read) "Questions for a Santa Family" -- Part 1 and Part 2. Also, be sure to read Don't Kill Santa Claus.

For a more humorous take, watch the video below (from the makers of Why First Time Moms Lose Their Minds).

What do you do with Santa? Has that changed over the years? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I was flat out told truth on all of this cause I forced dad into long story short by demanding a baby preferably sister he explained birds and bees in terms 3 1/2 yr old would get by equating it to things I knew. At 3 I destroyed house for 2 weeks thinking Santa was going to steal my presents my mother about 21 yrs old thought was good idea to let child who just turned 3 to watch grinch and in my jea I logiced Santa steals presents to point of baracading house at night for 2 weeks. It really was bonkers. So dad explained all about Santa not being real and what true saint Nicholas did and how Santa could be fun pretend and later not to ruin illusion for friends their parents want them to belive in Santa.