New Plan for the Blog

Back to the drawing board.

Some of you know this already, but I am working on a new site for my blogs, to combine this one with Mission: Allendale. And when I say I am working, that really means me piddling around while a couple of friends do the real design work. Many blessings upon them.

The idea of combining the two sites might seem crazy, since one blog just came out of the other, and now I'm bringing them back together. Didn't I Fast Forward to Mission: Allendale? What gives?

Here's what we (some friends and I) have been thinking:
  1. We want to move to a self-hosted website, to be able to get some functionality that may not be possible with "out-of-the-box" designs.
  2. Wordpress-based blogs seem more professional, modern, and useful than Blogspot-based blogs. Creating Mission: Allendale on Wordpress helped me get used to the new posting format.
  3. The new site will allow (at least, this is the plan) people the opportunity to sign up for Parenting posts, Allendale posts, or both.

Going along with this third point, here is the new plan for my posting, starting with my current blogs, but also will continue on the new site:
  • Parenting:  Mondays and Thursdays
  • Allendale:  Tuesdays and Fridays
  • Other (links, pictures, videos, etc):  Wednesdays
  • Church & Children's Ministry:  Instead of putting these articles on my own blog, I will start guest posting on KidMin1124. If you are involved in Children's Ministry, as staff or volunteer, you should follow that blog, which was recently ranked #16 out of 100 Children's Ministry blogs. (Yep, I'm already listed as an author and I have my first article, Are All Volunteers the Same?.)

If you notice, I will stop posting on Sundays (Sunday Shorts) and Saturdays (Saturday Round-Up). This will create some more time to focus on my main content, and to get away from writing a little more (I have to live life with my family!). Especially with the Saturday posts, it took a lot of time to compile articles that I liked, but with a "shotgun" approach to who it might reach. Based on some recent counsel I received from a book I read, I will target articles to specific people, when I think it will help them. (Plus, I will still share some resources via Facebook and Twitter.)

If you have any questions or comments about these blogs and my new plan, please don't hesitate to let me know.

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