Saturday Round-Up (October 1)

Happy October!

My Plastic Self. Months ago, a friend asked me to write about Barbie. I never could figure out just what to say. Maybe this article can suffice, at least for now.

Leading with Expectation.  "Personally, I gravitate toward pessimism and fatalism. These are the antithesis of expectation. They expect little and have a nasty habit of causing me surprise when God moves in extraordinary ways."

This Is Relaxing?  I assume that it is only (or at least primarily) women who can resonate with all the stress that can go into prepping for a massage.

The 5 Most Ridiculous Arguments My Kids Have.  Be sure to read through the comments for more scenarios. I'm sure this doesn't affect your kid, right?

Cthulhu vs. the Sith.  I'm really not sure what this battle is in reference to, but my kids and I loved this video.

Did You Forget That You're Saved?  "The gospel transforms us precisely because it’s not itself a message about our internal transformation, but Christ’s external substitution. We desperately need an Advocate, Mediator, and Friend. But what we need most is a Substitute."

The Next Step: To Disciple a Few.  An excerpt from Radical, and a lot of the same thinking that led me to write What's Our Ultimate Purpose in Allendale?

History of Lyrics That Aren't Lyrics.  A nice walk through time.

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