The Craziest Girl I Knew

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Have you ever just known that someone was crazy by something he or she said to you? I had that happen over 13 years ago, and I still remember the context.

In the June 1998, I spent a week as a leader at an FCA Camp in Black Mountain, NC. I had just begun work on my Master's of Science degree in Chemistry at Furman. It was a great opportunity to spend a week with a group of high school boys.

Besides the adult staff and college-age huddle leaders, there was a girl who just graduated high school who helped that week with administrative tasks for the camp. I don't remember having any significant conversation with her (besides "good morning" and such), until she came up to me mid-week and asked, "What are you studying in school?"

"Chemistry," I replied.

"Really?" she said with disbelief, "I thought you were going to be a pastor."

"Nope. No way. I'm going to be a chemist."

"Oh. I just had the feeling you would be a pastor." And that was the last time we spoke.

As I walked away, I was laughing on the inside. I wondered why people think that just because you love Jesus, that you should work for a church or be a missionary.

I wondered what would prompt her to walk up to me and start that conversation. I ruled it as her just being a young, zealous (but misguided) girl. Or, she was crazy.

Crazy had to be it. Why else would she even think something like that? Crazy, hyper-spiritual person.

Regardless of whether she was crazy or not, I knew she was flat out wrong.

Until January 2007.

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