A(nother) New Plan for the Blogs

Have you noticed how consistently I've posted on this blog. Each month in 2012, I've had exactly 13 posts per month. Most of this consistency has been due to last fall's New Plan for the Blog, which included these two main ideas:
  1. Changing my blogging schedule, as far as frequency and topics.
  2. Moving everything to a single, self-hosted website.
Step 1? Done. Check. Finished. Step 2? Not so much.

Regarding #2, I've piddled around with the new site, and probably just need to dedicate a big chunk of time to getting it done, but I just haven't chosen to make that time. Maybe I'll get re-motivated.

But, until then, I am going to change my blogging schedule again. I've been more and more impassioned and focused about writing about Allendale, versus the parenting topics that I started writing about when I launched this blog.

Don't get me wrong. I'm still impassioned about equipping others (especially parents) to disciple their children in light of the gospel, but I find myself more often than not thinking about that mission in the context of Allendale. Additionally, with our summer programming, I want to make sure I give regular updates about what we are doing.

That being said, here's my new general writing schedule:
  • Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Mission: Allendale):  This summer, I'll try to give weekly updates on Mondays, and I will also provide more thoughts and resources on topics such as poverty and education, two key issues in this community.
  • Tuesday, Thursday (A Different Way):  I'll continue to write on topics such as parenting and child discipleship, plus give examples and updates on what we are doing as a family.
  • Other:  I will continue to write at least monthly for Kidmin1124 (though I was slack for a few months), and I hope to have some occasional guest posts on other blogs.
If you haven't done so, I'd like you to subscribe to any of these blogs, either by email subscription or RSS reader. Thanks for reading, and for those who leave comments.

**image courtesy of Gangplank HQ via flickr

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