Favorite Tweets for May

Sender's busy course load
 I hope you had a great month. Another school year gone by!

Here are some great thoughts from others:

PatrickShealy3 vital truths The Church needs to be always proclaiming: 1)Holiness of God 2) Sinfulness of man and 3)The Gospel of grace for all of life.

TMProject"Mentors win by showing up." -

ChurchCurmudgeonEver been to a homeschool girls' soccer game? The parents sound like they're screaming a sermon outline. Faith! Hope! Charity! GRAAAACE!

JimGaffigan:  There should be a children's song "If you're happy and you know it, keep it to yourself and let your Dad sleep."

EdAllianceFACT: a high school dropout will earn $260,000 less than hs grads and $800,000 less than college grads in their lifetime.

chalmerscenterFikkert: Poverty alleviation is about people and a highly relational process not just projects and products.
mitchmillermeYouth leaders, fill parents with the hope that God is going to work in their students heart. Parents want that hope.

And here are some that I wrote:

"Without the intervention of caring mentors, fatherless children often miss out on their God-given potential."

I just had to stop a drunk guy from getting on the swings ride with all these little kids.

"If a teacher doesn't have the love of reading, the class can't catch it from her." Jim Trelease

Me: "What brought you to SC? A job change?" Dude: "Yes. I work for Verizon." Me: "Oh. So you're mobile?"

AT&T has had the worst customer service I've ever had. (That includes Charter.) 10 phone calls so far, & still a 1/2-done job.

No, . You don't need to dial "9" to use our landline phone. We have a home, not an office.

The speaker of this breakout session just said, "One thing I do do ..."  

Told my high school students that I'd trade grades for free babysitting. #joking #notreally 

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