Mother's Day Ideas

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This year, the Arts Center in Allendale had a craft day, where kids can make their moms gifts for Mother's Day. I took our three kids (total cost = $5), and I consider my Mother's Day shopping to be done.

Last year, before Mother's Day, I recommended these candles. I didn't buy any, but I think Joanna's Mother's Day was so much more special. That night, I wrote a post called 13 Reasons My Wife Had a Great Mother's Day. Well, maybe "great" was an overstatement. A better description might be "unique."

Moms -- What are you hoping for this Mother's Day?

Dads -- What are you planning for her?

By the way, it would be a cruel trick if some Dad anonymously put that he has this big surprise in the works, and then all the Moms would be wondering if they would be the lucky recipient.

And for another video honoring moms, here's a good concept from P&G.

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