Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Can you tell which one is my kid?

Sender is playing baseball (actually, T-ball) this year in Allendale. We gave all three the option to play, but only he was completely excited about it.

He has never been on an organized team before. Of course, he had lots of sports experiences through the Boys & Girls Club (in 2011) and with our spring break soccer camp.

We signed up late, so there was already a coach, but I volunteered to jump in and help out. It has been great for him to play and meet new kids (besides the two kids on the team that we already knew), and I've enjoyed meeting other children and parents, too.

Here are some pics from some of the action so far:

First time trying on the uniform.

Warming up before the first game.

About to score.

Loves playing in the dirt.

Sometimes we don't focus . . .

. . . and sometimes we do.

Everyone runs laps after the game. To wear them out?

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