Men Must Pursue

What is a man?

This question may be answered in a thousand different ways, depending on how your perspective. But here are two great definitions of manhood (both of which I got in some form from Grace Church):

A real man is one who:
  • Rejects passivity
  • Accepts responsibility 
  • Leads courageously 
  • Expects God's reward

Alternatively . . . the calling of a man is to pursue, provide, and protect. (The Art of Manliness blog substitutes procreate for pursue, but I prefer the latter.)

Men are called to pursue, not just in marriage, but in all areas of their life. Want to learn more? Check out the guest post I had on Family Matters, called Men Must Pursue.  And I'd love for you to share your thoughts by leaving a comment on the Family Matters blog.

PS -- Thanks to Family Matters for allowing me to guest post!

PPS -- Here is part 2 -- My Son Is Learning to Pursue.      

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