5 Inspiring Articles from Family Matters

 Some great articles from Family Matters:

Based on Matthew 3:17 . . .
  1. "You are my son (or daughter)."
  2. "I love you."
  3. "I am proud of you."

Raising Kids for True Greatness

A review of Tim Kimmel's book. The main point is found in this quote from the book:
"Life isn’t about you. It’s not about our children or our plans for them. It is 100 percent about God. It’s all about God and His plan for us."

10 Ways to Be a Great Church Member

I'm usually not a big fan of to-do lists like this, as I find they can easily become part of a works-based theology for heart change. However, I think there are some good principles, such as:
  • Bring your Bible and follow along with the sermon
  • Pray for the church leaders
  • Don't participate in public criticisms of your church leaders. Rise above gossip.
  • Make church about what you can give, not get


A Mother Who Knows Nothing

Do you ever feel like you are parenting all wrong? Do you live with guilt and regret? Do you ever feel inadequate to live out God's call as a parent? This post is for you.


Top 10 Ways to Be a Great Neighbor

Important lessons that we are learning about community and engaging our culture (such as in Don't Try to Have It All Together):
  • Be a good friend to all your neighbors, not just the ones who are like you.
  • Be quick to serve your neighbors.
  • Refuse to get pulled into gossip.
  • Refuse to play the comparison game.

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