Real Friends vs Virtual Friends -- Part 2

I wrote last week about some things we need to remember regarding our children and technology.  We need to be mindful (but not fearful) of the physical, mental, and emotional dangers that can come with “virtual friends.”

But we need to remember that this applies just as much to adults.  Consider how much of your time and energy goes into social media, chat rooms, texting, forums, etc.?   I am not against technology, of course, as it can help relationships from drifting too far apart.  But texting, tweeting, and Facebook are nowhere near as good at building and maintaining relationships as a phone call, coffee with a friend, or a small group.  

As a leader, you need to grow and mature, and community is a huge part of that.  I am all for personal Bible study and reading books.  But did you ever notice that in the New Testament, the context for studying the Bible is always in community?   We are not mean to walk through life alone.
If technology helps you connect, that is great.  But do not let it be a substitute for or a distraction from real community.

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