Facebook: A New Kind of False Intimacy

In the wake of my recent posts on Real Friends versus Virtual Friends, I just read an article called Facebook: A New Kind of False Intimacy, on the site Counseling Solutions.  The author is coming at this from the perspective of dealing with the messes that can be created through Facebook.  Of course, Facebook is morally-neutral, but it can be an unhealthy outlet and can become "the new dating context for the dissatisfied. It provides all the accouterments of dating without the commitment or expectation of marriage."  That is, it can be an escape from your real life, to a world where you can ignore responsibility and be who you want to be.

For some, the answer may need to be quitting Facebook, especially if this has captured you as an idol does.  But most can safely continue, in wisdom.  Here are some of the author's suggestions for how to use Facebook as a redemptive tool:
  1. Ask your spouse or friend what they think about your Facebook updates.
  2. Give your spouse your log-in info.
  3. Link or share Gospel-centered sites with others.
  4. Share quotes that God has used to encourage you.
  5. Seek to encourage your friends.
  6. Keep in touch with friends and family members.
  7. Learn the security settings and use them.
  8. Guard your heart (and your time) regarding Facebook games.

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