Allendale Partnerships

See the Grace Church Pastors Blog for last week's post on our Allendale Partnerships.  Besides what we are doing here (see Mission: Allendale page), this article will give a bigger overview about how Grace Church has been working.

An excerpt (my emphasis added):
Grace Church’s involvement in this rural county goes beyond resource provision. The above trips will allow Grace Members to create relationships and build community with the residents of Allendale County. We know for long term change to occur where generational poverty exists, participation by the local residents in the process is imperative. We must avoid paternalism and offering relief where rehabilitation and development is the appropriate action. Therefore, efforts will include selection of a summer intern from Allendale, placing two Grace Students in Allendale for the summer, and identification of an entrepreneur to participate in the Nasha lending ministry.

To learn about specific ways that you can be involved, see this post

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