Why We Homeschool -- Part 2

This is the conclusion to yesterday's post from Kevin & Maria Weaver.  One reason I wanted them to answer these questions is because of their perspective and situation.  Kevin is a public school teacher, and he is passionate about that, but they homeschool their own children.  It is obvious that each family's needs and dynamics are unique.  A discussion on education options cannot be completely covered on this blog.  I hope that these discussion points can be a springboard to your discussions with those that you are in community with. 

5.  How do you see this choice being something that has an impact for Christ's Kingdom?  We feel that our kids are our disciples and God's word is foundational in our school day.  This provides a strong base for our kids to launch from.

6.  What has God taught you through all of this?   God has taught us to depend on Him and take each child and each school year as it comes.  God has taught us that this is such a short season with our children and being a part of this precious gift God has given us through the time we've had with them is priceless.

7.  What do you want to remind families who also homeschool?  Do your homework, consult with others to help avoid unmet expectations.  It may not go the way you envision it, so be open to God's leading.  Enjoy learning with them!

8.  What do you want to share with families who chose another schooling option?  Currently, we are very happy with our decision.  There are pros and cons to any choice.  Each family deserves consideration for their unique gifts, limitations, etc., and what works for one family (or child) may not be a good fit for another.

Questions or thoughts?  Anything you can add?  Leave it in the comments.  Thank you, Weavers!!

Stay tuned for next week as we interview a family whose children are in private school.

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  1. Thanks Joey and Weavers. I enjoyed your input and look forward to the rest of the interviews.

  2. I might write more on this in the future, but I at least wanted to include a reference. Here's a post from a homeschooler. I agree with some of the principles, but not a lot of reasoning (as you can see in my comments).