10 Skills Every Child Should Learn Before Leaving Home

Don't be thrown off that this list is on a blog by a home-schooler.  In truth, we ALL "home school," and we all need to be equipping our children for the real world.  Here are the 10 that the author gave:
  1. How to plan a balanced menu.
  2. How to cook a healthy meal.
  3. How to sort and wash laundry.
  4. Balancing a checkbook.
  5. Balancing a budget.
  6. Filing taxes.
  7. How to fill out a job application and write a resume.
  8. How to change a flat tire.
  9. Basic household repairs.
  10. How to love God and their family.

How are you doing with this list?  What other things would you add?


    1. How to iron a shirt, pair of pants, etc.
      How to pump gas.
      How to vacuum, dust, clean a bathroom, etc.
      How to drive a car with a manual transmission.
      Opening basic household accts - bank, phone, gas, electric, insurance, etc.
      How to create and live on a budget.
      How to save for something instead of putting it on credit.
      How to mow the grass, plant flowers, etc.
      Basic organizational skills - including maintaining receipts, important papers, putting things away, etc.

    2. I was also thinking how each of these actually apply to a list of more subjective skill set. Such as critical thinking, tenaciousness, ability to stand firm for truth in midst of "persecution,"

      Here is a continuing list of more subjective needs: http://www.kidtrek-sundayplus.org/?p=499

    3. Doing pretty ok with the list. Does it count if I have previously done my taxes, but now let my uncle do them?

      I like the additions of the previous commenters. I would add...
      Make coffee (even if you don't like it)
      Sew simple things (buttons, small holes, etc)
      Check engine oil; tire pressure
      Cook on the grill (haha, kidding...kind of)

    4. Thanks everyone for the additional thoughts.

      Except for Cristin. That grilling comment hurts.