Read and Share

The title of this post has two meanings:
  1. A Bible storybook that I will review, called Read and Share Bible.
  2. A giveaway promotion (you read and share, and you might win).

Read and Share Bible
I was contacted earlier this month from someone representing Thomas Nelson Publishers, asking me to check and and give a review on this blog (I'll do that next week).  Also, they generously gave me a copy to give away to a reader, which is where you come it.

Your Turn
Thanks for being a part of the conversation, at least "listening" but especially all the comments and other feedback I've gotten in the past couple of months.  As a way to say thanks (and as a way to remind you, dear friend, to get the word out), I am giving away a copy of the Read and Share Bible, plus a $25 gift card.  All you need to do is leave a comment answering these questions, and I'll pick a winner randomly from all the entries:
  1. What's been your favorite post?
  2. How have you promoted this blog or specific posts (Facebook, email, Twitter, print, link on your blog, word of mouth, etc)?  (If you haven't shared this blog with others, it may make me sad, but you can still win.)
  3. You want the gift card to Chick-Fil-A,, or Target?  (And if you don't want the Bible, say "No Bible."  You may not need it, and I'll give it to someone who does.)
  4. Your email address (either leave it on this comment, or send it via email, or you can see the email address in the "About Me" section to the right).
(If you have problems leaving a comment, send me a message.  I even had some issues on my laptop with this, before figuring out a couple of things.)

Bonus:  If at least 25 people leave a comment, I'll pick an additional person to win a gift card.  Spread the word!

The deadline on this give-away is Friday January 7.


  1. 1. My favorite post was actually the series of posts about Santa families vs. no Santa families. This is a debate we seem to have every year with some of our family members.

    2. I have promoted this blog by word of mouth.

    3. Chick-Fil-A


  2. Congrats on a successful blog, Joey! I do enjoy reading your thoughts and ideas on parenting...especially ones about your family and about the santa seemed to be a hot topic this year in our circle of friends. But, I think my favorite post was about the gospel vs. biblical parenting...way to raise the bar on how we parent. I actually sent that post (by email) to our old neighbors in Charlotte...and Matt and I had some good discussion about it with some friends over dinner one night, too. Here are my suggestions for the next year (yes, I know you didn't ask me): teaching your children not to lie, making your daughter not roll her eyes, and teaching your son how to beat his friend at checkers. Thanks, Joey!
    (by the way, this is Braeton, not Matt...not sure why it wants me to be Matthew)

  3. 1. Favorite post-Kenya vs. Hannah. I loved it b/c I could apply it. We kept my nephew, and my niece with special needs for 2 days during Christmas break. Avery was there with us, but my time and attention were focused on my niece. She was going out and was sad about really "missing me". My tendency, like yours, was to say go play on the playground with Daddy and you'll be fine, but instead (I remembered this post!)I talked with her about this being our way to serve her aunt and uncle so they could get away, and how she could help by sharing her Mommy and missing me a little bit.
    2. I've e-mailed specific posts from here.
    3. Target.

  4. 1. God Isn't Safe, but He's Good. I also really like the "Watching Sports is Boring" post. :)
    2. Linked to it on my blog and talked about it.
    3. Target

  5. 1. The Santa ones....made us re-evaluate some things. Oh, and the gospel vs biblical parenting.(and a close 2nd was the one where you gace me the shout out!)
    2. Linked to my blog, emailed to peeps, reposted on FB.
    3. Target or Amazon..surprise me if I win.
    4. you've got my email

    now, PICK ME! PICK ME!

  6. I'm your older brother. Actually your only brother and I'm older. I also helped you get a good laptop at a good price with an upgraded hard drive. I'm your older brother.

  7. My favorite post? There have been a lot of good ones. I like the one I just read about angels are not wimps.

    I have promoted this blog through guest posting and featured blog (this week!).

    Gift card to Amazon! (No bible)


  8. 1.My favorite so far were the interviews with the Burns about Christmas. Probably just because it's so timely. Otherwise, I like the one that talks about my screaming and melting down daughter. :)

    2. By word of mouth so far. You're doing a great job. ;)

    3. Target please.

    4: email:

  9. 1. My favourite blogs have been the ones about "Are Girls a Product...." and "Do Boys Also Need..." I like how you are able to take from not only personal experience, but the teachings through the church (Round Table, sermons, Institute), as well as outside readings---it really helped me focus in more on from a general idea to the specific meat of the principles in parenting.
    2.Yes, through WOM to a few people---now that I know there are prizes, I will start more free marketing for you:)
    3. Target (for the diapers:):)


    Thanks man and great job!

  10. why first time mom's lose their minds :) and hopeful post Christmas melancholy
    Word of mouth and forwarding via email

  11. 1. The posts about santa
    2. mouth and emails
    3. TARGET!!!!
    4. you have it :)

    Thanks for the time and insights you put into this!

  12. 1. santa posts and bible recs
    2. word of mouth and e-mails.
    3. CFA (and we have this Bible, so you could give it to someone who needs it)
    4. think you've got it or facebook.

  13. Since I've improved so much as a parent and individual thanks to all of your wonderful posts, I will concede my 1st place status to the next person...

    Um... or maybe my brain is already too crowded from having gone from 0 to 5 kids in just over a year to remember each individual post. I find them all useful and even print some out to share parts as a lesson with the kids! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences with others! I just hope I can remember it all long enough to apply on a regular basis.

  14. 1. How Churches Can Fall Short
    2. I actually just discovered your blog today!
    3. Chick-Fil-A!

  15. 1 - my favorite post was the one with the list. oh, wait. ;-)

    i think the single post that has taught me the most was Biblical Parenting vs Gospel Parenting. (but i really enjoyed the Santa series and mentioned & sent it to many people.)

    2 - word of mouth, emailing links, facebook updates & links

    3 - target (and i'm on the fence about the Bible. i'd love to check it out, but feel like someone with kids would get more use)

    4 - you have my email (or just click on my name)

    and byw, very cool that they asked you to do the review and sent the book. love the blog!

  16. Biblical vs. Gospel parenting has been the one that I needed to hear the most but you have a consistently great thing going here. Who would have thought chemists could write thoughtfully?

    I've linked to you on facebook.

    No Bible please and Target card, but if I win give the card to Mrs. KeeverKids so she can by another shirt for her kids and husband to share.

    you know how to reach me

  17. 1. Our Traditional Anniversary - I love giving gifts and I love anniversaries, and I liked the picture of you and Joanna!

    2. Talked to several people about your blog and things I have read or thought about.

    3. CFA, so I don't have to think about cooking - can probably do 2 nights out if you also throw in some of your coupons...


  18. Laura Worthy
    1. Why parents need to get away. Completely agree.
    2. Have emailed links of relevant topics. You blog posts are a great resource.
    3. CFA. Love that place.

    You can reach me over Facebook.