Jesus Is Our Friend

One common theme in church curricula for kids is "Jesus is our friend."  While this is true (John 15:12-15), I think that it is dangerous to overly focus on this attribute while ignoring His holiness, justice, and more.  I am concerned that we are producing a young generation that thinks they are right with God because they are Jesus' friend, while they minimize or gloss over their need for a savior.

Much more so than "love" and "heaven," the primary topics that Jesus taught on were the subjects of judgment and Hell (followed by money, being a litmus test for the heart).  Jesus isn't just our friend, but He also rules in power and might (Isaiah 9:6), and His future wrath will induce fear (Revelation 6:16-17).  We need to preach the holiness of God, especially for elementary-age children, but also to preschoolers.  Of course, we need to me mindful to use age-appropriate language (so the children can understand), but let's teach them about God's sovereignty, holiness, jealousy, judgments, etc. 

But just because we shouldn't focus on "Jesus is our friend" doesn't mean we can't watch this:

All joking aside, how would you finish this sentence:  Jesus is my __________?  Give up to 3 descriptors.

I'll go first:  source of power, contentment, atonement.

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  1. Great post! all knowing, all powerful, all loving

    We do such a disservice to kids when we don't think through what we are teaching kids. We must take a good look at our children's ministries and ask hard questions.

    I believe we must serve the "whole" child to lead him to Jesus - here are some of my ideas