Parenting Questions

In the past month, I've received a handful of parenting questions from friends.  Although I am no parenting expert, I was happy to share some thoughts and experiences with them.  Here are the questions that I was asked, and I'll post some answers over the next few weeks on this blog.
  1. Do you have any practical suggestions for teaching a 5-year-old to be willing to give more generously to those less fortunate?  
  2. Are girls a product of what their moms model and dads affirm?  If so, should I focus on what I'm modeling for my girls?  Is there a parallel statement for boys?
  3. I've been teaching my children (ages 5 and 4) about Jesus being crucified; is that an age-appropriate topic?
  4. Are my children (boy age 7, girl age 5) at a place where we need to dictate more modesty, even though they don't seem to understand why it's important?
  5. What do I tell my young child when he says he doesn't want to go to church?
Any other parenting questions?  Leave it in a comment here.  (Remember, it can be anonymous.)

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  1. We recently found out that one of our children had taken (stolen) a stuffed animal from her school classroom, having blatantly lied to us about it through extensive questioning before the offense became obvious. She hid this for about 2 weeks before the truth came to light. The child is VERY sad about the punishment, but it's hard to determine whether she's repentant about having sinned -- or just sad about being caught. How can we seek to develop a true heart of repentance?!?

  2. Mary, thanks for asking this question. That's a good one. Would you mind sharing the age of your daughter? I'm assuming young elementary?