Biblical Definition of Manhood

Just a couple of weeks ago, we finished our Men's Roundtable series, A Quest for Authentic Manhood.  The first time this series was offered, it was like 27 weeks long; mercifully, this particular curriculum has been reduced to 8 sessions.  Additionally, Grace Church leaders have developed other topics, including:

I'll always remember when we started teaching Men's Roundtable (2001), because Hannah was born that fall.  It has been great to go over most of these series multiple times, because I always hear it differently when I'm in different seasons of life. 

If you have not yet heard any of this teaching, here is our definition of masculinity.  A real man is one who:
  • Rejects Passivity
  • Accepts Responsibility
  • Leads Courageously
  • Expects God's Reward
You can read more about how we've been trying to use this definition to train Elijah and Sender.  Additionally, we believe that their are distinctively masculine capacities:  the power to pursue, the power to provide, and the power to protect.  (You can read about the feminine capacities here.)  These masculine energies are intend to be applied to others, to be a blessing and life-giver to other people.  In providing and protecting, we are to make the world a better place.  In pursuing, we are to be responsible to manage our desires. 

Without a doubt, I am a better husband, father, worker, disciple, teacher, and friend because of Men's Roundtable.  Also, it's my responsibility (and yours) to pass on truth like this to the next generation.

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