Watching Sports Is Boring

My friends give me a hard time, that for someone who played football for 10 years (and ran track for 7), I watch almost no sports.  Maybe if we implemented some of these ideas, I would be more attentive.  My favorites:
  • Soccer players should be allowed to be offsides during the last 10 minutes of a tied soccer match (#6).  Let's do away with those "thrilling" 0-0 or 1-1 games.  (On a related note, I think any time a soccer player flops, he should immediately received a smack with a cane.)
  • After a touchdown in football, the offense may go for nine (#8).  Nearly impossible with 28 men on defense, but at least let's give them a shot.
  • Second sets in tennis are played opposite-handed (#13).
  • Enforce texting and/or tweeting in the Pocono 500 (#16).
  • In overtime, the head coaches use paper football to kick field goals (#20).


  1. Nicky won't like the offsides idea. Stephen tells her that all the time.

  2. Haha. I love it! I'd like to think I'm a sports purist, but thinking about how those rule changes would look was funny.

    As for #1 (Defensive linemen kick field goals), though, earlier this year, Ndamukong Suh (defensive tackle) attempted a field goal. I think he missed but it wasn't a bad try.

  3. Sara -- Nicky is exactly who I think about when I talk about offsides in soccer. Obviously, your hubby and I are right and she is wrong.

    Cristin -- If I'm not mistaken, Suh's miss XP was a key reason they lost that particular game.

  4. I like these two the best:

    #10. Every August 13 (Bear Day), every ballpark in America will have a wild bear roam the field for the entire game.

    #12. If a team wears throwback uniforms of any kind, they must be worn the way they were originally worn. Short shorts in basketball, leather helmets in football, oversized cotton jerseys in baseball, etc. This must happen 3 times per season.