Shopping, Purchasing, and Parenting

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In yesterday’s post, I talked about the differences between shopping and purchasing, and my observations from a recent trip to mall. Being a parent, and a blogger for parents and other leaders of children, I was of course most intrigued by all the children and who was with them.

Obviously, young kids don’t go to the mall to wander and shop.  Maybe they think about getting some candy or a new toy, but that’s usually the limit. They are just there with adults. And these adults may be shopping (or purchasing), but often it seems like they are just looking for something to do with young kids, especially on a cold winter day, and the mall can be a great escape.  

And it made me think that parenting is like a trip to the mall. Sometimes we are very planned and purposeful, like in purchasing, and sometimes we are just enjoying the moment and experience, like in shopping.  Usually, it’s a mix. But I think that is fine.

I think parenting should have aspects of both ends of this spectrum. There are parts of parenting in which we need to be intentional and purposeful, and parts where we just need to “wander” and enjoy. 

And even when we wander, we must be intentional in what we do. And we plan, let there be flexibility and smiles along the way.

And remember, there are no returns in parenting. Not even with a receipt.

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  1. Wow, what a great application. I love it. Very funny about the returns statement. I know when my little one was first born, we went to the mall to do some walking (during the winter) before the shops opened. We had to go early or else I would have killed the budget!

    Lindsey @