Why Public School -- Part 2

Continuing from Part 1 of this interview, I want to make sure that you know that the Keevers' choice in public schooling is not about Kelly getting a break (as this cartoon implies).  From all the time we've spent with them, it is clear that they are very strategic in all areas of their lives, especially how they parent their children.  From my observations, I have seen public school denigrated in "church" circles, where it can be viewed as only remaining choice for those who can't afford private school and those who do not feel equipped for homeschool.  But whatever option parents choose, they need to be prayerful, strategic, and engaged.  I'm thankful for families like the Keevers that model this.

5.  How do you see this choice being something that has an impact for Christ's Kingdom?  We, with the love of God, get to love on teachers and students, supporting and encouraging them. Real life issues are exposed and presented at school that we are forced to deal with at home. It causes us to be even more intentional at home with our kids.

6.  What has God taught you through all of this?   To trust Him. That no schooling option is perfect. To seek Him.

7.  What do you want to remind families who also have children in public school?  That you need to be involved in whatever schooling option you choose for your family. That you want to be speaking with your child daily about what they are being taught, what their friends are doing and talking about.

8.  What do you want to share with families who chose another schooling option?  Public school is not the "bad" option. We are strategically placing our children there. No one is "better" for their choice than those who public school. Parents are ultimately responsible for their children regardless of what schooling option they choose.

9.  Anything else you want to share?  Public school is very strategic for our family. We talk each summer about the decision. We have been blessed in so many ways from our kids' school. All summer we pray that the Lord would put us in the class where our student and us can glorify Him best. There have been Augusts when we had to remind ourselves that that was our prayer when we see teacher assignments or fellow students. We tend to want to take back the control we gave Him and do it ourselves. But He has always known best!

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  1. Thanks for including this perspective -- we are a Christian family with our children in public school, and this is often a hard position to be in at church settings -- there is some pressure (whether real or perceived) that "real" Christians home-school or put their kids in Christian schools. We have a very active Mormon community in our area who are VERY strategic about putting their kids in public schools to have an influence there. I wish Christians were more pointed about getting involved in public schools to make a difference, and our family is trying to do that. Thank you for such a balanced perspective.

  2. Thank you for this! Reading this interview helped to make me feel so much better about my kids being in public school. The main reason why my husband wanted them in there is because they are such social creatures, and they really are flourishing in school in a way that they never did at home.

    While no educational system is perfect, it really feels good to read about a Christian family that doesn’t stand against (or discourage) public school.

  3. I'm glad that this could encourage both of you.

  4. Stumbled onto this post while fasting and praying today to know what God's will is for the education of our children next year. Every year it is a difficult decision, as the schools here in AR have very long school days (8+ hours by the time you factor in transportation) and I yearn for more time with them, yet see that they are really learning and growing well there.
    I was especially helped today by your friend's statement that "no schooling option is perfect." Thank you for presenting this perspective in such a thoughtful way.

    P.S. Also just wanted to clarify to a previous commenter that Mormons are definitely Christians, too. :)

  5. Glad that this post (and maybe the series) can help. I'm glad to have friends like the Keevers (and many other) who have helped us see that (as you say) the method of education is not nearly as important as WHY you choose it.

    For the record, currently we homeschool our kids, I teach at a private school, and I work for the public school district. I see the challenges and blessings of each system. Education is, for the most part, what you make of it.

    (Here's a more recent summary of this series, for reference: http://differentway4kids.blogspot.com/2012/01/summary-education-options-for-your.html)