The Day of Atonement

The Jewish holiday of Yom Kippur will begin on September 25, at sundown. The name translates as Day of Covering, and has to do with being covered and protected from the judgment of sin. Hence, it's often called "The Day of Atonement."

Though I am proudly Jewish, we don't observe every holiday. However, I do try to take moments to teach my kids the gospel through these times. For example, you can read about a time I taught my kids about Yom Kippur using stuffed animals.

Some Jewish and Gentile Christians believe that all Jewish feasts should be celebrated. I don't. For me, observing these holidays is one meaningful way to worship. And while these can be wonderful ways to draw near to God in intimacy, to proclaim that it's mandatory would be narrow-minded, if not legalistic.

To learn more, read Jesus and the Day of Atonement, on The Resurgence blog.

**image courtesy of Jimmy MacDonald via flickr

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