Boy, Have I Got Problems!

Are you consistent with Bible memorization? How about inductive Bible study?

I'm pretty good with the latter. I learned hermeneutics (the process of interpreting the Bible) from a guy who discipled me years ago. While I do less Bible study and more reading today, I still enjoy breaking down Scripture passages to understand them better.

But when it comes to Bible memorization, I've been pretty slack. When I was in college and even for a years afterward, I was much more diligent, having a system that helped me learn and review Bible verses. I even had about 75% of the book of James memorized.

I know it's important to hide God's word in my heart (Psalm 119:11), and to disciple my children to do the same. We did some when they were little, but have not stayed consistent.

That's why I'm excited about a book that we'll be going through with Hannah and Elijah this year. Boy, Have I Got Problems! is part of a series of inductive Bible studies for kids, by Kay Arthur and Janna Arndt.

This resource will guide our kids in studying of the book of James. The book is broken down into seven weeks of material (five days per week), and is set up to help a child memorize key passages from this book. Based on a plan suggested by our homeschool material, we will alter this plan slightly:

  1. We will stretch out the material over the entire school year.
  2. We will have them memorize the entire book of James.
Of course, Joanna and I will be going through the material with them, and will also be memorizing James. We're looking forward to growing in our knowledge and love of God's word, together.

Looking for a resource to help your children grow in Christ? Get a copy of this book (one for each child) today!

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