Time Flies: Birth to 12 Years in Less Than 3 Minutes

Have you ever seen a great idea and wish you had done that? In this video below, a dad filmed his daughter every week, from infancy until she turned 12 years old. Check it out:

Of course, I wish I had done that. But then again, we were using 35 mm film, and an camcorder, until we bought our first digital camera in November (Black Friday!) 2006.

Our "little" girl will be 11 later this month. So many great memories recorded on my brain! We're blessed to have her.

When Hannah was about 2, a mentor mentioned something about keeping a journal for each of his kids. I did start them with her, thankfully. I write at least once per month about what's going on in her life, and things we're seeing in her. She's read them a few times (I think I'm on the 4th journal by now), but I still consider them "mine." I suppose we'll give them as a gift to her at some point down the road.

What's you favorite way to keep memories of your kids? Scrapbook, journals, etc.


  1. We keep a blog for Lawton, but I loved this too:

  2. We set up an email account and send pictures and fun stories.

    1. Never heard of that. Great way to file and archive.