The Strength of Disability

Many people would look at a teenager who has autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and see a lack of social skills. However, researchers have shown that by focusing on strengths (high intelligence, special interests, etc), "these adolescents are as capable as anyone else of forging strong friendships."

And check out this video, where Julie explains how her extra chromosome is a God-given blessing:

And it's not just that a disability can be an advantage for an individual. Justin Taylor reminds us that through disability, God shows that His power, glory, and grace are magnified.
"I believe a 'theology of brokenness' is desperately needed today—a theology that exalts the preeminence of God while underscoring his mercy and compassion to the frail and brokenhearted."

And I'm thankful for a churches like Grace Church that have special needs ministries, and for ministries like The Inclusive Church that equip many others.

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