Homeschool Families: Myths and Lies

We have homeschooled our children ever since our oldest began kindergarten. We are grateful that we have had this opportunity.

In no way do I claim that homeschooling is "God's way" (see my response to this claim), or that it's the best way. I do know that it has worked great for our family. We love the teacher-to-student ratio, the flexibility, and even the ease of moving in the middle of a school year.

Before I was married, I had a lot of assumptions about homeschoolers, usually centered around the word "weird." Thankfully, God brought some very positive examples of families who chose to homeschool children.

Do you have some presuppositions about (or maybe some bad experiences with) homeschoolers? You are not alone.

Maybe these resources will help clear some things up:

5 Myths About Families that Homeschool

  1. Homeschooled kids are socially backwards.
  2. As the teacher, homeschool moms create curriculum and give all instruction.
  3. Homeschooled kids goof off all day and do not receive a proper education.
  4. Homeschool families grind their own wheat, sew their own clothes, and drive horse and buggies.
  5. Homeschool families don't have TV, play video games, or in general, live in the real world.
You should read the article for clarifications. I like how the author explains that each of these points could be true, but these descriptors are far from uniform among all homeschool families.

7 More Lies About Homeschoolers (Debunked)

A follow-up from this video from Blimey Cow. Here is a humorous take on stereotypes about homeschooling:

And, yes, we are guilty. Our kids love Minecraft.

If I would add a couple of additional myths, from our experience:
  1. Homeschoolers have it all figured out, and resist changing methodologies. 
  2. There is only one way to homeschool well.

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