Homeschool vs Public School: A Few Thoughts

Stacey Eastin has written a great article about homeschool and public school. She comes from a perspective of having children who are in both education options.

On her blog, she doesn't give commands or how-to about education. She gives cautions from her own experience and observations. No matter what you views are about schooling, I highly recommend you read her thoughts with an open mind and heart.

Her reminders for us all:
  1. Good (and bad) kids emerge from all schooling situations
  2. The public school can do some things better than you (or, you can do some things better than the public school)
  3. All mothers have regrets
  4. All mothers (and people in general) have to guard against pride

This last point is especially crucial. If you are like me, it's a short path from a preference to a myopic perspective to pride to condemning others.

Some of the best parents we have known have not only considered each education option (public, private, home), but have also switched between them as the needs of each of their children required.

Be sure to read the full article.

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  1. Joey,
    Thanks for posting this. We are in the middle of the homeschool/public school transition as Josh is going to high school next year and we are praying about when/whether to launch the others into public school. Stacey's last point is especially convicting for me (a major control freak) - "Remember who is really in control" This is a tough pill for me personally to swallow, because I work hard to maintain the self delusion that I have control. I know I don't but I like to convince myself I do. This article is very timely for Susan and I as we pray about this transition and new family direction.

    1. Jimmy -- you always have great insight & perspective. I appreciate your comments (here, and always).

      We're so glad to have a couple like you & Susan whose kids are a few years ahead of hours -- though your wisdom is decades ahead of ours.

      Excited about this next stage for your family. You have prepared Josh well, in addition to your other kids.

  2. Over all, good stuff. Thanks for sharing! It's neat getting to hear that kind of perspective.