Parenting Sanctifies You

Christina Fox wrote on a very important topic, The Sanctifying Work of Parenthood. She humbly admits that she is no expert on parenting, but that parenting has been a tool which God has used to help her grow in Christ.

She writes,
"God has used parenting in my life to refine and change me in ways I had not anticipated."

Christina explains these unexpected changes:
"I've come face to face with sins I didn't know were buried deep inside, sins like impatience, selfishness, irritability, and discontent. While uncomfortable and sometimes downright painful, the sanctifying work of parenthood has been necessary and good. . . .

"Many times I sought joy and contentment in how perfectly behaved my children are or how smoothly my day went. Yet God knew that what I needed most is only found in Him. . . .

"His goal isn't to make my life comfortable, safe, and predictable, but to make me holy."

Can you relate? Be sure to read the full article.

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