The Mirror of Parenting

From Elisha Galotti --
 "For a parent, sometimes looking at our children can be like looking in a mirror. . . . In many ways children reflect both what is lovely and what is ugly in the original and, when we're watching with careful honesty, we're sure to see moments when the reflection shares uncanny resemblance to ourselves.
Sometimes the the resemblance brings a joy and humility that encourages, that reflects the grace upon grace poured into our home. . . . We hear child voices speaking with kindness to a brother or sister, we see in them a gentleness, a servant-heartedness, and we’re amazed.

What about when these living, talking reflections—our children—give us a glimpse of the jarring, ugly, remaining sin? . . . We watch a child get angry or impatient and, with sinking heart, we know it is a precise and irrefutable reflection of our own sin. We look at them and see ourselves, our sin reflected in them, and we see how our sin ripples out in waves around us.

There may be moments where the reflection is ugly, but the hope--always the hope--is this: even as my child reflects me, I day by day, more and more reflect my Father above. As a parent, I'll never be perfect, but in Christ there will be growth that reflects His goodness and beauty."

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