Favorite Tweets for July

We finished up a fun summer, full of camps. (Well, I have a week of football camp coming up.) Thankful for all the support we had, and all the people we got to work with!

When I wasn't running around with kids, I was coming across some good thoughts on Twitter. Here are some of my favorite tweets, from y'all and from me.

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@LeadersServeGreat leaders empower others to manage today & focus their attention on the future.

@BryceAshlinMayo:  When we serve food to the poor but don't eat with them, we miss the point. 

@LosWhitMay today's pulpits not be filled with talks on 5 steps to better marriages/lives/happiness/ect and instead be filled with the name of Jesus

@GoNasty15Falling down is a part of life. Getting back up is living.

@Greg_BoydIf you know "Jesus Christ & him crucified" (I Cor 2:2), you know all you REALLY need to know about God, yourself, other people & creation!

@PaulTripp Since the DNA of sin is selfishness (puts you in bondage to you), the work of grace is to rescue you from you.

@IamSecond is too short to not .

@TrippCrosby Who's with me in starting a National Take Someone You Disagree with To Lunch Day?

My Own's

Denzell Washington (yes, his real name) from listed as one of top WR's in SC high school football.

What about Easter? // RT : This is literally the best day of the year. Leave my country if you disagree.

Don't rejoice in good circumstances. Rejoice in the One who gave you that good circumstance.

I, too, used to think I was a perfect parent. Until I had my 2nd (& 3rd) child.

Thankful for the men from who are serving at the prison in today. Looking forward to future ministry with them! 

“The strength you gain by letting go is more important than any object you own.” Julien Smith (The Flinch)

Teenager: "Coach, your wife is beautiful." Me: "I know. Why do you think I asked her to marry me?" // 14 years ago, I asked, & she said yes.

This is why we need mentors! "RT : 71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes"

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