Favorite Tweets from August

Earlier this month, I posted this photo with the caption:

They have had the pillow less than 12 hours, & it already has blood on it.

Within minutes, I had dozens of "likes" on Instagram, mostly from people I don't know. I had a revelation, and then posted this:

And please remind me to NEVER again tag my Instagram pictures with . Apparently every teeny-bopper likes that picture now.

Lesson. Learned.

Here were some of my favorite Tweets from the past month (from others, and some of my own). And you can always follow me on Twitter (@EspinosaJoey) and Instagram (@JoeyEspinosa)


@BackRowBaptistStill a Virgin by Madonna

@MikeGlenn:  What's the reward for good work? More work.

@FirstWorldPains:  "I am starving", in other words I live in a first world country and I'm slightly hungry.

@DailyKellerReligious people find God useful. Christians find God beautiful.

@CoachWithLove:  I don't know what my future holds, but I do know who holds my future. -Tim Tebow  

@GraceChurchSCEven when you are feeling God's discipline, you can rest in the fact that God cares enough about you to find you.

@WBlantonSoccerSport will always frustrate you until u understand its true purpose & all the good that can be developed through it

@DaveFerguson:  Good leadership starts with self-leadership: "Like a city whose walls are broken through is a person who lacks self-control." (Prv.25:28)

@PaulTripp:  No, you don't know what's coming, but God does and has already made ample supply.


Forgiven people forgive, as Michael Vick teaches us.  

I don't care if it's 83 degrees inside our house at 10PM. I made my calorie goal for the day, & I'm celebrating with hot cocoa.

Dear neighbor - I'm pretty sure you don't need your sprinklers on.

Parents & Teachers: Don't tell kids they're talented. Praise them for their hard work, persistence, & strategies.

Elijah said his braces wire was poking his cheek. I got out a pair of pliers, a hammer, & a lighter. He says it's not bothering him anymore 

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