Annoyed? Or Cultivating?

Does your child's personality ever annoy you? Does his or her quirks irk you to no end?

Yeah. Me, too.

In our house, we have an easily-distracted conversationalist, an overly-sensitive introvert, and an energetic boss. And it often drains me to a point that I just want to shut them down.

Jen Wilkin writes:
"Lacking adult self-control, their personality traits can seem annoying and nuisance-like, undesirable. Sometimes our first response to an annoying personality trait is a desire to pull it out by the roots."

But instead of quashing these God-given personalities, I need to cultivate them. Want to learn more? Read Jen's full post: When Your Child's Personality Annoys You.
"May we be diligent to tenderly train them up in the way that they should go."

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