Halloween 2014

I go through this every year. I filter through articles about Halloween and hear feedback about how other Christian families approach this holiday.

This is it for me. I will not write about Halloween on this blog next year. I've probably said and written enough, and I'm sure I've linked to a plethora of other bloggers. Don't believe me? Check out what I posted in . . .

From this, you can tell how we feel about Halloween. It's fun for our children, but mostly we use it as another opportunity to connect with our neighbors and community. We look forward to doing that again this year, especially since we've just moved into this neighborhood 3 months ago.

Want More?

But maybe you can't get enough. So, here are some other great articles I've come across.

Halloween on Mission (Grace Church Kids). Includes a link to another great article from Desiring God.

Halloween Is Not Important (The Resurgence). "Your standing before God doesn’t change depending on what you do on October 31. To be honest, it doesn’t change no matter what you do any day of the year."

3 Tips for Discipling Your Kids Through Halloween (Verge Network). Remember these three crucial parenting principles: 1) Every decision is an opportunity for discipleship, 2) Do not fear, and 3) We are all on the same team.

Halloween -- From a Christian Parents Perspective (Family Matters). "You can choose to set limits on what your family will do or not do (like I do in mine). The Spirit will lead you. The one thing we simply can’t do is withdraw and surrender the day to the powers of darkness."

Where Did Halloween Come From? Can a Christian Celebrate It? (Center for Apologetics and Research Ministry). Just what the title says!

Candy Rapping! (DeStorm Power). OK. This is just for fun. It's your reward for making it through this list of blog posts.

That's a lot of articles! Just pick a couple to read and work through. And then spend time after Halloween thinking and discussing what you'd like to do differently next year.

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