Weighing the Options: Should We Have a Baby? Should We Celebrate Halloween?

If you're reading this blog post, you've probably already decided to have a child. And if you have a child, you've probably made up your mind about what you are going to do about Halloween this year. But who would have thought that there was an even more important connection between these two decisions?

Doghouse Diaries. That's who. (You can see the comic below, but be sure to click on the link for additional commentaries in the caption and a mouse-over.)


Thoughts on Halloween

I don't think our kids know for sure what they are going to dress as for Halloween, which begins (for us) this Saturday at Allendale Elementary School's Trunk-or-Treat. But we have always allowed our kids to do so.

Last year, I gave some Thoughts on Halloween for a Christian Parent, including articles that might have encouraged or challenged your viewpoints. Here are some additional articles that I came across that could do the same:

Four Reasons My Family Trick-or-Treats (Cripplegate Blog).  My favorite: "Relationships with my neighbors are strengthened through this day."

Halloween and Evangelical Identity (Russell Moore).  How do you know what kind of evangelical you are? Read this short and funny article to find out.

3 Reasons Christians MUST Celebrate Halloween (Jeremy Myers).  First, to be a light in the darkness. Second, to demonstrate generosity. Third, free candy!

5 Tips for a Happy Christian Halloween (The Resurgence).  Winfield Bevins reminds us to use this as an opportunity to communicate and demonstrate the gospel -- to our kids, neighbors, and even to those who disagree.

Halloween: Trick, Treat or Missional? (Verge Network).  Jo Saxton isn't a big fan of Halloween. But she still makes the most of this opportunity to connect with her neighbors.

5 Practical Ways to Be Missional on Halloween (Verge Network).  Like every other article listed here, the author of this one encourages us to use this day to build relationships in our communities and neighborhoods.

If you have any thoughts, or any other articles (including from your own blog), please leave them in a comment.

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