Favorite Tweets for October

Happy Halloween! Here are some sweet tweets from October:

From Others

@TeachForAmerica"The barrier for my students is that they don't think college is possible. But they just need motivation and information."

@PaulTrippYou have hope because God's glorious, unstoppable grace means he will not turn his back on you, even on your worst day.

@DaddysinCharge:  Kids: 0 to 100 mph the moment they wake up.

@FirstWorldPains I hate being overweight, but the one thing I hate more than being overweight is exercising.

@GraceChurchSCWhat have you left OR what do you need to leave to follow Jesus? Luke 5

@mwbuckingham:  Passion isn't something that lives up in the sky, in abstract dreams. It lives at ground level, the details of what you're doing every day.

@MarkMerrill Our children need to know that we love them for who they are, not for what they do or don’t do.

@donaldmillerIf I’m not excited about spending another day with God, I’ve likely lost track of how good God is.

@CoachWithLove:  Opportunity may knock only once, but temptation leans on the doorbell. 

@DavidAllston:  Just heard on the radio about a pastor who has discovered a biblical code to help me make money. Count me in!!

From Me

Why do & think it's a good idea to have babies near spring break? A damper on our plans for soccer camp.

Great reminder (via ) if you are traveling overseas: Don't give money (or gifts) to poor children.

At my first game in 20 years. Recruiting trip. No, not for me. For the 4 football players with me.

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