Surprising Ways Your Brain Works

Lately, I've been fascinated by the brain. Not anyone's brain in particular, but how the brain works. It must be the nerd scientist in me.

I've written a lot about the brain on my other blog. For example:

Are you intrigued? Then here's another great post that you may find interesting: 10 Surprising Facts About How Our Brain Works. You should read that post, so you can learn . . . .
  1. Why your brain does better creative work when you're tired.
  2. How stress can make your brain smaller.
  3. That it is literally impossible for your brain to multi-task. 
  4. That naps improve your brain's performance.  
  5. Why your vision trumps all other senses. 
  6. That introversion and extroversion result from different wiring in the brain.  
  7. Why we tend to like people who make mistakes more.
  8. How meditation can rewire your brain for the better.  
  9. Why exercise is good for your brain.  
  10. How to trick your brain into thinking that time is going slowly.

Read the full article to learn more, and to see how your life can be different as a result of these 10 facts.

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