Favorite Tweets from September

It was a good month:
My daughter turned 12.

I got to eat at Moe's.

And I read (and wrote) some good tweets.
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Tweets I Read

@BackRowBaptist:  My church wants to have a "revival." I don't remember the first time we were vivaled.

@JimGaffigan:  Whose bright idea was to have cooked broccoli smell like urine?

@JulianWasHere:  I'm going to invent a mechanical arm that mounts onto my chest and never stops feeding me pistachios.

@CoachWithLove:  Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, this time more wisely.

@KenBlount:  One of the goals of parenting is to shape your children to glorify God with the unique imprint He's put in them!

@LACavin:  So thankful for the Camp Grace men who are meeting before services to discuss leading & teaching elementary classes.

@Compassion:  The key to ending poverty? Hope!

@Gospel_ProjectIn all other religions, people are not truly serving God but themselves. They do good works in order to receive salvation and forgiveness. 

@JimCook_:  I needed more than just a sympathizer to my broken situation, I needed the power of a Savior to free me!

Tweets I Wrote

It's season. Or, the time of year when millions of people say "WE won" even though they never did so much as watch a practice.

8 elementary students signed up for the club in . Big thanks to , , & the local schools!
  • Edit:  Now we have 16 students signed up.

"Faith is primarily about obedience, not risk." via

"When we use volume to manage our kids we unwittingly turn ourselves into toxic high controllers."   

When you place an order at the drive-thru microphone at Hardees, & the response is, "Ok, drive around, Mr. Joey.".... :) 

Scary moment: When you're watching "World War Z" & your son comes out of his room sleepwalking. Remember: aren't real (I hope).

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