One Small Thing: Washing Dishes

In our home in Allendale, we don't have a dishwasher. Not an automatic one, at least.

Since we moved to this house two-and-a-half years ago, all the dishes have been washed by hand. Most of the time, my wife has done them. Our older two kids have been washing them after breakfast. Sometimes guests have washed them (that's what interns are for, right?).

But I've had a very small part in washing dishes. So this month's task was easy: wash dishes every day. Usually, I alternated between washing them in the morning (in place of my kids), and doing the dishes in the evening (to serve my wife).

More than anything, this goal made me appreciate the work that my family does. I often take that for granted, so it was good for me to step back from my "busyness" (because aren't we all?) and serve them.

So I commit to washing dishes more often. Maybe not every day, but definitely a few times each week.

And despite the fact that my wife told me I was doing it wrong, let the record show that no one in our family got a food-borne illness this month.

October Small Thing: Remember the Positive About Each Day

My "one small thing" goal for October also has to do with "stepping back." I was inspired by this article on How to Make Positivity a Habit.

Each evening, I will intentionally reflect on the day and take note of one good thing that I saw.

You see, I am an extreme pessimist. It's not that I call a half-full cup "half-empty." It's so bad that I see a cup that is 90% full, and I call it "10% empty."

Living life this critically (of others and of myself) can be draining. So this month, I will work to remember the great things that I observed. Especially, I want to notice when I see others doing acts of kindness.

I'm positive that this will be an emotionally-lifting experience for me.

How about you? How are your monthly or yearly goals coming along? Let me know in the comments.



  1. My wife has the same concerns...and I have the same 'spotless' food-borne illness record. We must have been well trained by all that lab glass washing!

  2. I don't think I said "wrong" just not the way I would do them or prefer to have them done.

    1. No, you didn't say "wrong." But you meant it.