Teenagers and Dating

The thought of my child dating is "unbearable."
When Hannah turned 11, I decided that she was about the right age for me to start embarrassing her in public. (She disagreed, with a smile.)

Now that she's a teenager, some say that it's time for us to thinking about dating. (I disagree, with a scowl.)


Maybe your child is closer to the dating scene than my children are. Or, perhaps I'm closer than I'd like to realize. Here are some good articles to help us think through this topic:


At least these Blimey Cow videos can make me smile:

Seven Reasons Why Being a Teenager Is the Worst 

When Should You Start Dating?

Let us hear in the comments:
  • From the first video: What do you think is (or was) the worst part of being a teenager?
  • From the second video: Do you have a set age when you will allow (or allowed) your child to start dating? 

Inquiring minds want to know!

**image courtesy of clarita via morguefile


  1. What caught us off guard in the dating process was the texting. Nowadays, a guy and girl can carry each other around in their pockets 24/7 and have a "conversation" whenever they want to. Ugh, the intimacy builds so fast that way! Lessons learned the hard way....

    1. Wow. I never thought of that. Our daughter doesn't have a phone (yet), so this is a good "advance" warning! Thanks!