What Sender Is Learning

A pose learned in Ninja school?
 Sender (our 5 year old) is learning a lot in school. Sure, he's been learning to count and read (more due to his siblings' efforts than those of his exhausted parents). But those are the main courses. Just as important are the other schools that Hannah and Elijah are taking him through. For instance:
  • Magic School.  Most often than not he flubs the "Pick a card" trick. But he sure looks cute (and serious) trying.
  • Gymnastics School.  Where he learns many of his dance moves.
  • Ninja School.  Apparently he's reached the maximum training level that's possible, until he legitimately saves someone.
But my favorite is that he's learning is to be thankful. He still thanks God for things like "Jesus dying on the cross" and "that I have a brother and a sister and a Mom and a Dad."

And he's already learned that Allendale is our home. How do I know? Because after we return here from an out of town trip, he prays, "Thank You that we get to go back home to Allendale."

Did you hear that? We get to go back to Allendale. He's not upset about leaving Greenville or Florida; he's happy to get back to our home in Allendale.

I guess when you spend the last 25% of your life somewhere, it should feel like home.

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